Man of Steel

by Amy Raasch

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I love superheroes. But what would it be like to be in a relationship with one? He pulls you from a burning car, you two become an item, make a home, have a kid, and now you're up nights staring at empty sky, worried he won't make it back from the latest disaster. The world needs him; you need him more. From debut album, "Love or Inertia," released 2007. Offered in honor of Zach Snyder's 2013 film, "Man of Steel."


I crashed my car into a tree
Hoping you’d notice and come rescue me
Just before I burst into flames
I heard your voice calling my name

And so it went, I thought you were mine
‘Til the next disaster, you flew out of sight
That’s when I knew: it wasn’t just me
You’d save every kitten who went up a tree

Manny, why don’t you stay
The city will keep for a day
I’m tired of cliffs and making a wish
Hoping you’ll see how I feel
I want you to see you don’t have to be
A man of steel

In like a lion, out like a lamb
You fell asleep holding my hand
I turned my head to watch you breathe
I wondered if you found peace in your dreams

Manny, why don’t you stay
I’ll hold you as the light fades
There’s grace in the quiet, but you’re so full of fight
You don’t even know how you feel
These things you can’t see just won’t let you be
A man…

Steel yourself
It’s not gonna stop anytime soon

The last time I saw you, you dove like a swan
And I made a circle out of my arms
You called it a target, then burst into flames
And fell like a feather, skywriting my name

And now I’ve got time to write lullabies
To what your gaze could never reveal:
The heart of a child; all that’s left of my
Man of steel


released March 25, 2007
Vocals: Amy Raasch. Drums: Dony Wynn. Bass, Acoustic Guitars: Gar Robertson. Pump Organ, Chamberlain, Rhodes, Piano: Patrick Warren. Harmony vocals: Renee Stahl.



all rights reserved


Amy Raasch Los Angeles, California

Amy Raasch is a songwriter, performing musician and actor. Her first album, "Love or Inertia," was released in 2007. "Raasch has an actor’s focus on the tiny movements of the soul," wrote Next Big Thing, and Music Connection called her "one of the top unsigned artists in L.A." She is currently finishing up a new collection of songs and multimedia project entitled "Girls Get Cold." ... more

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